Care Away Conference

Connections for the special someone

The Care Away Conference is to assist the caregiver in finding and putting in place, a balance between taking care of everyone else and taking care of yourself. This TWO-DAY event offers packages that will allow the caregiver to have a day or weekend free of caregiving duties. Each pack include RN care services in a 5 star suite, food, workshops, vendors and activities are all onsite. REGISTER TODAY, SEATING IS LIMITED.

Operation Jewel is committed to creating a conference with the caregiver in mind and heart. Caregivers family or professional, take on a variety of roles critical to the recovery and lifelong care. We understand the challenging and stressful nature of your role.


Professional care coordinators are available to assist you on the caregiving journey. Answered questions from doctors, lawyers and practitioners.

Conference Care Packages Included:

- Lunch
- Workshops 
- Yoga Class 
- 24 hour Care (RN) 
- Private Suite
- Food 
- Activites
-Caregiver Workshops
- Vendors 
& more

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